Why Ocean Solutions?

Ocean Solutions is comprised of technical educators who believe in lifelong learning. It’s unfair to categorize Ocean Solutions as just an MSP because the founders believe in people over processes as well as lifetime growth and development, Ocean Solutions has cultivated a team who isn’t afraid to ask questions. While our intellectual property is valuable to our business, our customers and our employees are more valuable. Our team gives answers as full-service IT consultants. We leave our customers in control of their level of involvement. If our customers want to know how to do something, we’re going to teach them. Our competition doesn’t want to divulge their trade secrets, but at Ocean Solutions, we believe giving answers keeps the customers returning with more questions and requests.

Our experience makes us rich in available choices. This is how we got our name as our Solutions are as vast as the Ocean. With every problem, we look at multiple solutions and choose the best fit.

Our business model includes not only the traditional MSP support services and an always-growing list of technologies, but we also provide training, mentoring, and documentation to help your staff utilize the most efficient features needs to maximize your productivity and profitability. We are excited about what technology can do to help you accomplish your business goals, and it’s that excitement that makes us the right provider for you.

We only have a single billing rate model as you will always get the best service we have, and our service is a team effort. We all work together to ensure we understand the pros and cons to all potential solutions to any problem. The Ocean Solutions team will find agile technologies to address your needs while being affordable and scalable and sustainable. There is no one size fits all when it comes to IT.

Ocean Solutions partnerships with technology providers in the IT industry. We maintain these relationships in order to keep updated in the latest news while passing on the benefits from these relationships to our customers. Ocean Solutions will always be in communication with you. We are honest above all else, and our ultimate partners are our customers. This is why we say, “Ocean Solutions is your IT partner with integrity.”