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At Ocean Solutions, we recognize that the success of a healthcare organization hinges on nothing less than flawless technology integration and an impenetrable IT infrastructure.

Our goal is to empower your organization by streamlining your IT operations, fortifying your security measures, and optimizing overall performance, all while meticulously adhering to the stringent demands of healthcare regulations, including critical HIPAA IT compliance concerns.

Ocean Solutions, you healthcare MSP Partner

Our seasoned experts have extensive experience serving healthcare clients, and we take pride in offering a proactive and personalized approach to meet your specific needs.

Rest assured that with our 24/7 monitoring and responsive support, your critical systems will be continuously monitored, allowing us to quickly remediate any potential issues resulting in reduced downtime and disruptions.

At Ocean Solutions, we are committed to helping healthcare companies like yours to protect the integrity of their IT infrastructure.

With our decades of experience in working with Healthcare companies, we understand your concerns and are ready to create a partnership that will protect your IT infrastructure and reputation. Every technical and nontechnical Fulltime Ocean Solutions Team member holds a HIPAA Certificate.

The seamless integration capabilities offered by Ocean Solutions enable healthcare organizations to leverage their existing systems and software without disruption. Let us manage your IT infrastructure so that you can confidently focus on providing the best medical care possible.

Why choosing Ocean Solutions as your MSP Healthcare Partner

Intro meeting and schedule of in-depth discovery and client paint point facts-finding discussion.

Fact-finding discussion built around questions setup to assess the state of IT compared to the Healthcare industry’s best practices and regulations.

Presentation proposal built around the client’s fact-finding and needs in a Gab analysis style or existing and desired future state of IT.

Ocean Solution Fact Finding
Ocean Solutions Kickoff Meeting

Schedule a kickoff meeting to discuss onboarding project timelines, goals, top priorities, short-term and medium-term goals and gather necessary information.

Provision all of the systems needs to serve the client’s needs.

Onboard the Network hardware, servers, cloud Systems, and end-user infrastructure.

Onboard and train the existing internal IT team on the Tools and systems provided by Ocean Solutions.

Move on to handle identified priorities during the kickoff phase.

Transform the state of IT and transition over to the Org Short-term goals

Provide continuous technical support, proactive monitoring, and regular communication to ensure optimal system performance and client satisfaction.

Ocean Solutions Ongoing Support

Related FAQ

As a premier MSP serving the healthcare sector, we uphold the highest data security standards. Our stringent protocols include robust encryption, multi-factor authentication, comprehensive backup and disaster recovery plans, and continuous security audits to safeguard patient data from any potential threats or breaches.

Absolutely! We have a thorough understanding of the intricate compliance landscape. Our compliance manager solutions will be the focal point that holds all of your compliance aspects data and control. Our tailored solutions encompass all relevant regulations, such as HIPAA, to ensure your organization remains fully compliant, reducing potential risks and liabilities.

At Ocean Solutions, we prioritize the security and confidentiality of your medical records. Our multi-layered approach includes top-notch encryption, robust access controls, and advanced threat detection. Regular security audits ensure HIPAA compliance and constant improvements. Our vigilant cybersecurity team promptly responds to and mitigates potential threats. Through rigorous staff training, we foster a culture of data privacy. Rest assured, your sensitive medical records are in safe hands with us, making us the trusted partner for your healthcare company’s security needs.

Safeguarding your medical records from hackers and cyber threats is paramount to us at Ocean Solutions. We implement a comprehensive range of cutting-edge security measures to fortify your IT environment. Our team of skilled cybersecurity experts deploys advanced intrusion detection systems and firewalls to create robust barriers against unauthorized access.

Our systems will provide continuous end-user security training and testing campaigns to ensure we are ready to deal with the threats we are surrounded with. We conduct internal and external vulnerability scanning and pen testing using the best third-party products for complete and unbiased assessments.

Furthermore, we continuously monitor for potential vulnerabilities and employ real-time threat intelligence to detect and neutralize cyber threats proactively. Regular security updates and patches ensure your systems are fortified against emerging threats.


Ocean Solutions specializes in delivering customized IT services designed to cater to the unique needs and aspirations of a wide range of industries, contributing to their growth and success.