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As a business leader, you understand the significance of technology for success. But with its rapid pace of change and growing complexity, it can be impossible to keep pace with all the latest IT advances while managing daily operations within an organization. You require an ally who understands both your organization and emerging technologies to help guide this transition process.

That is why our team of cybersecurity experts provides Virtual CIO services tailored specifically to your organization’s needs. We serve as an extension of your leadership, offering strategic guidance to optimize technology investments now and in the future.

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Ocean Solutions Virtual CIO Advantage

A Virtual CIO goes beyond traditional IT management to offer executive-level strategy backed by over 100 years of combined cybersecurity expertise. 

Here are just a few ways a Virtual CIO can drive success

What makes our Virtual CIO Offerings Unique

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

We conduct an in-depth analysis of your technology stack and processes in order to develop a roadmap that aligns with your business goals.

Technology Optimization

Our experts assist with optimizing existing investments as well as integrating new solutions for maximum efficiency.

Technology Optimization
Project Management

Project Management

We oversee implementations from scoping requirements through go-live with an eye towards budgets and timelines. Cyber Risk Guidance – We assess risks, educate staff on best practices, and suggest security technology/policies.

On-Demand Consultation

Ocean Solutions offers round-the-clock advice for any technology issue from purchasing to operations, with Virtual CIO Solutions designed to elevate your technology strategy.

On-Demand Consultation

 Contact us today to find out how Ocean Solutions can become an extension of your leadership team.


We have over 100 years of combined experience serving as an interim or virtual CIO for organizations across various industries. This gives us a wealth of knowledge on strategic technology planning, infrastructure management, cybersecurity, emerging tech integration, and more.

We have worked with small business’s all the way up to large multi-million dollar brands. 

Before making any recommendations, we work closely with key stakeholders to fully grasp your business model, processes, pain points, and both short and long-term goals.

This enables us to map technology strategy to initiatives that drive efficiency, growth, and competitive advantage for your organization specifically. Our focus is aligning IT with your mission.

Our strategy development process aims to maximize the value of technology for your business. We evaluate where you are currently and where you want to be in the future.

Then we identify gaps and build a technology roadmap to get you there. Planning includes infrastructure upgrades, new solution integration, productivity/automation improvements, risk mitigation, and budget optimization.

We draw from leading practices to custom-tailor the methodology for you.

We will collaboratively develop success metrics and KPIs that align with your business goals. These may include cost savings from IT optimization, infrastructure uptime, end user productivity, issue resolution timelines, revenue growth supported by technology, and more.

I report on progress transparently in a dashboard format and tie technology ROI to bottom line business impacts.


Ocean Solutions is an IT Service Management and Infrastructure provider designed to augment existing IT departments or we provide a presence for businesses without.