Password Management

At Ocean Solutions We commonly see users making these mistakes when it comes to password management:

Mitake 1: Using a simple password – If it’s easy for you to remember, it’s probably also common or easy to guess for the bad guys.

Mistake 2: Duplicate passwords for multiple accounts – Once the bad guys break into your email, they can get your bank account, credit card, post new relationship status on your social media, etc.

Mistake 3: Writing passwords on a post-it note or plain text file making the bad guys job way easier.

At Ocean Solutions, we partner with LastPass as our secure vault solution for anything sensitive for both us and our clients. This enables us to share their vaults with them so the client always has direct access to all necessary data. You can signup for a free trial here

The bottom line is users are human. We love our machines for their seemingly infinite memory and their ability to recall things we ask for. We recommend users to install a secure password management application like LastPass. A password manager app will maintain unique, encrypted, secure passwords because it would be impossible for a human mind to generate, store, and recall the numerous passwords necessary to protect your identity and to additionally have them accessible across all of your devices. LastPass integrates with the user’s environment as a browser plug-in making it simple and readily available to use without having to type.

With a password management solution like Lastpass you can do the following:

  1. Generate unique passwords on the fly using browser plugins as you sign up for account or change existing passwords after reading this article
  2. Autofill login information as you visit sites which is not only convenient for you, but it also eliminate the risk of keylogger software spying on your keystrokes
  3. Securely store passwords in shared folders with authorized people within your organization or with vendors/partners

To take the password management to the next level we strongly recommend you enable Multi Factor Authentication for all of your accounts where supported. This improvement will give you peace of mind regarding the safety of your accounts. While looking into the Multi Factor Support, it is a good idea and make sure you have your contact information all up to date like Phone, Address and alternate recovery email, and security questions.

To find out if your information and your logins are on the dark web please contact us and we will do a deep dark web search for you and provide you with the findings