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As a small or medium-sized business owner, you may wonder if hiring a managed IT services provider (MSP) is worth the investment when you have minimal needs or you already have staff handling technology.

However, relying on non-specialized staff or using limited technology and expertise often means IT issues don’t get the time they require. This can lead to challenges that your internal staff may not be equipped to handle. By partnering with an MSP devoted to SMBs, you gain peace of mind knowing your technology is optimized by experts who understand the unique needs, constraints, and opportunities of small businesses. 

At Ocean Solutions, we are passionate about small business success. Our team of SMB specialists has experience with creating tailored solutions to drive efficiency, growth, and security without overstretching limited budgets and staff.

Why choosing Ocean Solutions as your MSP SMB Partner

By becoming your existing IT escalation and augmentation of existing IT staff or your outsourced IT department, we handle everything from maintenance and troubleshooting to long-term strategy based on real-world small business experience.

Our extensive expertise in core platforms like cloud services, analytics, automation, and cybersecurity means we can optimize operations and eliminate IT pains holding your business back. With a partner equally invested in your success, you will have peace of mind to focus energy on your customers, products, and vision instead of technical frustrations.

Your business technology concerns are too important to be an afterthought and too complex to DIY. Let Ocean Solutions’ IT experts provide the connectivity, insights, and innovation that your SMB deserves. Contact us to learn more about simple, stress-free technology that accelerates growth.

There are several key reasons Ocean Solutions stands out as the ideal strategic IT advisor for small and medium-sized businesses needing secure, scalable technology to effectively compete and maximize growth in today’s digital landscape:

In summary, our unparalleled experience and expertise in the SMB space, combined with our commitment to your success, make Ocean Solutions the right partner to provide the secure, innovative, budget-friendly solutions and guidance small businesses need to flourish now and in the future.

Intro meeting and schedule of in-depth discovery and client paint point facts-finding discussion.

Fact-finding discussion built around questions setup to assess the state of IT compared to the SMB best practices and regulations.

Presentation proposal built around the client’s fact-finding and needs in a Gab analysis style or existing and desired future state of IT.

Ocean Solution Fact Finding
Ocean Solutions Kickoff Meeting

Schedule a kickoff meeting to discuss onboarding project timelines, goals, top priorities, short-term and medium-term goals and gather necessary information.

Provision all of the systems needs to serve the client’s needs

Onboard the Network hardware, servers, cloud Systems, and end-user infrastructure.

Onboard and train the existing internal IT team on the Tools and systems provided by Ocean Solutions.

Move on to handle identified priorities during the kickoff phase.

Transform the state of IT and transition over to the Org Short-term goals

Provide continuous technical support, proactive monitoring, and regular communication to ensure optimal system performance and client satisfaction.

Ocean Solutions Ongoing Support

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At Ocean Solutions, we take time through an extensive discovery process to thoroughly understand your workflows, challenges, pain points, budget, and short and long-term business goals through detailed discussions with stakeholders across your company. This enables us to design customized solutions using the exact technologies – whether that’s automation, analytics, collaboration tools, or security – that will have maximum impact for your specific environment as a small business. Our solutions are tailored to your unique workflow needs.

Our passionate team has partnered with dozens of small businesses across a wide variety of industries for over a decade. We possess specialized expertise in streamlining operations, driving productivity, enabling growth, and optimizing budgets specifically for SMBs. Our clients range from 5-person startups to established small companies with up over 500 employees. We intimately understand the unique constraints and strategic opportunities of the small business landscape.

We architect cost-efficient solutions to deliver optimal value on a small business budget. Options like strategic outsourcing of maintenance and help desk, cloud migrations to reduce hardware costs, and automation of manual processes free up resources for growth. We also leverage our large buying power to provide your business with enterprise-level cybersecurity, uptime, and support at SMB-friendly prices, ensuring you don’t pay more for enterprise-grade outcomes.

With 24/7 proactive monitoring and rapid support, we detect and resolve the majority of problems remotely before they ever impact you. When specialized onsite support is needed, we have an accelerated response process to get the required technical expertise onsite quickly based on your unique SLA needs, ensuring minimal downtime. We understand issues must be rapidly fixed to avoid lost productivity for SMBs.


Ocean Solutions specializes in delivering customized IT services designed to cater to the unique needs and aspirations of a wide range of industries, contributing to their growth and success.