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Today’s dynamic national security environment poses an overwhelming number of cybersecurity threats from state and non-state actors alike, forcing government contractors vigilantly protect their cybersecurity posture. For small contractors with no or limited IT staff, attaining cybersecurity maturity levels can prove to be difficult.

With decades of expertise in evolving Federal cybersecurity regulations and technologies, our cybersecurity solutions are tailored to meet your corporate’s specific compliance needs cost-effectively. Ocean Solutions leverages powerful techniques like zero trust access, data encryption, AI-driven threat detection, and automated policy enforcement to provide a truly robust security posture aligned to standards like CMMC, NIST, and DFARS.

About Govcon Services
Ocean Solutions, you Govcon Partner

As a premier GovCon partner, Ocean Solutions recognizes the critical nature of cybersecurity challenges for government contractors. We stand ready to support government contractors on their quest for enhanced security.

With extensive expertise in Federal Government cybersecurity requirements such as CMMC, our tailored IT solutions meet evolving security demands while remaining cost-effective and compliant -giving government contractors peace of mind.

With a highly skilled team, advanced security measures, and a focus on CMMC requirements, we provide a secure, seamless, and compliant technology infrastructure, enabling you to focus on fulfilling your mission with utmost confidence.

Government contracting companies choose Ocean Solutions as their MSP partner for our unwavering dedication to their mission and compliance requirements. With a profound understanding of federal government compliance requirements, we provide tailored solutions that prioritize CMMC compliance, data security, system integration, and scalability.

By entrusting your IT infrastructure to Ocean Solutions, government contracting companies unlock a world of efficiency, resilience, and peace of mind, enabling them to focus on fulfilling their critical role in serving the nation’s needs. Our expertise and commitment to excellence make us the ideal MSP partner for government contracting companies seeking unparalleled technical solutions and seamless IT operations in a highly regulated environment.

Ocean Solutions has the automation and the streamlined process to address the nature of rapid onboarding and offboarding with the contracting nature of the business.

Why choosing Ocean Solutions as your MSP Govcon Partner

Intro meeting and schedule of in-depth discovery and client paint point facts-finding discussion.

Fact-finding discussion built around questions setup to assess the state of IT compared to the GovCon industry’s best practices and regulations. Gather the info regarding any special accommodations to comply with any existing contracts.

Presentation proposal built around the client’s fact-finding and needs in a Gab analysis style or existing and desired future state of IT.

Ocean Solution Fact Finding
Ocean Solutions Kickoff Meeting

Schedule a kickoff meeting to discuss onboarding project timelines, goals, top priorities, short-term and medium-term goals and gather necessary information.

Provision all of the systems needs to serve the client’s needs.

Onboard the Network hardware, servers, cloud Systems, and end-user infrastructure.

Onboard and train the existing internal IT team on the Tools and systems provided by Ocean Solutions.

Move on to handle identified priorities during the kickoff phase.

Transform the state of IT and transition over to the Org Short-term goals

Provide continuous technical support, proactive monitoring, and regular communication to ensure optimal system performance and client satisfaction.

Ocean Solutions Ongoing Support

Related FAQ

At Ocean Solutions, we make CMMC compliance a top priority and understand its significance in the government contracting industry. Our comprehensive IT solutions are tailored to align with the required CMMC levels, ensuring your organization’s adherence to the necessary cybersecurity standards from access management to encryption.

We stay on top of evolving CMMC regulations and work closely with your team to identify any gaps that need to be addressed. Our goal is to fully support your CMMC journey and equip you with the policies, procedures, and technologies needed to demonstrate your commitment to protecting sensitive data and intellectual property.

Robust security is our utmost priority, especially in the highly regulated government contracting sector. We implement cutting-edge security protocols, 24/7 monitoring and alerting via a fully managed SOC solution, and proactive threat detection specifically designed to address the challenges faced by government contractors.

Our defense-in-depth security measures robustly safeguard your sensitive data, intellectual property, controlled unclassified information, and other critical assets to foster a secure environment able to meet rigorous compliance standards. We become a true cybersecurity partner. Flexible contract terms allow the scaling that is needed for the GovCon world needs as business soar and retract between cycles.

We take data privacy and confidentiality extremely seriously. Our team has years of experience deploying strict access controls, encrypted communication channels, data-at-rest encryption, robust identity management, and regular security audits to fully safeguard your sensitive data and intellectual property throughout your government contracts. Meeting the stringent data protection requirements of public sector clients is a core competency.

We guarantee the highest levels of confidentiality for your projects. Automated change management, access Logs, automated alerts.

Absolutely. Proactive 24/7 network and infrastructure monitoring is a cornerstone of our managed IT services. Our advanced monitoring tools continuously assess the health of your entire on-premise and cloud environment, allowing us to rapidly detect and resolve potential issues before they escalate into significant problems.

By minimizing downtime and disruptions, we ensure your operations remain efficient, your employees stay productive, and you avoid reputation-damaging service interruptions.


Ocean Solutions specializes in delivering customized IT services designed to cater to the unique needs and aspirations of a wide range of industries, contributing to their growth and success.