Business Trip Calculator

Use this to calculate mileage of your business trips for reimbursement. The page is populated with a few sample waypoints, feel free to delete those by dragging them to the red block below the list. Then, click “Custom destination” to create a new waypoint(s), and then drag them to the second column in the order you visited them on a given date (the date is specified in the middle column). One waypoint can be used in the itinerary more than once.

You can drag the green path on the map if you took a specific route that was different from what Google Maps thinks is best. You can also manually edit mileage and reimbursement rate (IRS rate for 2020 is used as a default). When you’re done, click “Save” to save your itinerary to the results table. Repeat for each day of a given period, then click “Printable view” and print (or save as PDF) your reimbursement form.

For privacy reasons your custom waypoints are stored in your browser’s local storage and will not be persisted if you switch your browser of purge cache. The table with itinerary data is not stored anywhere and will be lost when you leave the page.