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The increasing complexity of hybrid and multi-cloud environments poses challenges even the best enterprise IT teams can’t tackle alone. Emerging technologies like AI, automation, IoT, and blockchain present monumental opportunities but require highly specialized skills to implement and manage.

By partnering with an MSP possessing deep enterprise expertise, you ensure your expansive technology ecosystem receives the focused strategic support it needs to advance your organization.

Ocean Solutions' extensive knowledge across essential enterprise platforms

At Ocean Solutions, we have over 100 years of combined experience in helping global enterprises transform their IT team into a well-structured and secure departments. Our team has delivered optimized, secure solutions tailored to complex hybrid environments with thousands of users. As a team, we and technology solutions become a seamless extension of your IT department.

Our extensive knowledge across essential enterprise platforms – like multi-cloud integration, Zero Trust architecture, data analytics, robotic process automation, and cybersecurity – means we can resolve roadblocks and align technology to innovation.

With a partner invested in your success, you can redirect resources toward customer-focused initiatives, new product development, and expansion while we handle cloud migrations, modernization initiatives, compliance, and more.

In today’s highly dynamic landscape, enterprise technology is too essential not to invest in a partner like Ocean Solutions.

Let Ocean Solutions elevate your IT organization through specialized skills and solutions tailored to enterprise scale and complexity.

Contact us to learn how our secure, adaptable, Managed IT Services can accelerate the transformation and give your technology department the strategic partner it deserves.

Let Ocean Solutions elevate your IT organization through specialized skills and solutions tailored to enterprise scale and complexity
Choose a Trusted Technology Partner

Ocean Solutions is the MSP partner of choice for enterprise firms requiring secure, adaptable technology ecosystems to drive transformation and maintain a competitive advantage.

What make our team unique is that in our over 100 years of combined experience we have found that by taking a client -focused and mission aligned approach we are able to predictably and positively impact our clients.

What also makes us unique is that we have a:

In summary, our unparalleled experience and expertise powering enterprise innovation and transformation, combined with our commitment to your success makes Ocean Solutions the right partner to deliver the secure, adaptable solutions and strategic guidance enterprise IT teams need to drive progress now and in the future.

Intro meeting and schedule of in-depth discovery and client paint point facts-finding discussion.

Fact-finding discussion built around questions setup to assess the state of IT compared to the Enterprise corporations’ best practices and regulations.

Presentation proposal built around the client’s fact-finding and needs in a Gab analysis style or existing and desired future state of IT.

Ocean Solution Fact Finding
Ocean Solutions Kickoff Meeting

Schedule a kickoff meeting to discuss onboarding project timelines, goals, top priorities, short-term and medium-term goals and gather necessary information.  

Provision all of the systems needs to serve the client’s needs 

Onboard the Network hardware, servers, cloud Systems, and end-user infrastructure.

Onboard and train the existing internal IT team on the Tools and systems provided by Ocean Solutions.

Move on to handle identified priorities during the kickoff phase.

Transform the state of IT and transition over to the Org Short-term goals.

Provide continuous technical support, proactive monitoring, and regular communication to ensure optimal system performance and client satisfaction.

Ocean Solutions Ongoing Support

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At Ocean Solutions, we have over 100 years of combined experience streamlining IT operations specifically for major enterprises with thousands of users and locations worldwide. Ocean Solutions has recruited IT directors that managed IT departments for years to help develop the approach and solutions provided to its enterprise clients.

We architect integrated solutions tailored to your organization’s scale, regional needs, and hybrid ecosystem using methodical project management processes.

We leverage our extensive vendor relationships to provide enterprise IT capabilities tailored to your needs at reduced costs. Our solutions deliver maximum impact and value for your strategic IT investments.

We also identify redundancies and right-size services as your needs evolve.

With 24/7 proactive monitoring, machine learning-based predictive issue detection, accelerated incident response, and redundancy built into critical systems, we minimize disruptions and downtime across your global footprint.

Streamlined support means productivity and operations continue unimpeded.

Our cybersecurity experts stay ahead of escalating threats to design comprehensive strategies and security architectures leveraging leading technologies by partnering with the best providers in the industry using products and solutions specifically engineered for complex enterprise environments, including:

  • Zero trust solutions turn your systems and enduser devices into nothing risk free predefined system with nothing allowed to work outside of what IT has vetted and approved.
  • Microsegmentation to minimize lateral movement and isolate critical systems
  • Multi-layered endpoint detection and response (EDR) leveraging AI/ML for advanced threat protection.
  • Managed detection and response (MDR) with dedicated security experts providing 24/7 monitoring and alerting
  • Managed SOC solutions are designed to detect hacking and takeovers as they happen, and with a 24/7 live SOC experienced team behind it, the response comes before a disaster emerges.
  • Cloud security posture management and compliance automation
  • Global threat intelligence to identify emerging risks across regions
  • Custom security training emphasizing user education on cyber risks


Ocean Solutions specializes in delivering customized IT services designed to cater to the unique needs and aspirations of a wide range of industries, contributing to their growth and success.