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Data Backup and Recovery

At Ocean Solutions, we know data is the most valuable asset for any business. That’s why we provide comprehensive data protection and availability through modern backup and disaster recovery solutions tailored to your specific recovery objectives.

Our multi-step approach begins by fully inventorying and classifying your business-critical systems, servers, cloud solutions, devices, and data sets. Risk assessments, Business Impact Analysis, We then analyze each to determine appropriate recovery time (RTO) and recovery point (RPO) objectives based on the impact of potential data loss.

Data Backup and Recovery
Data Backup and Recovery

With your RTOs and RPOs established, we architect a tiered data backup plan aligned to the unique needs of each system and data set. For maximum resilience, we employ a defense-in-depth model utilizing onsite backups, offsite replication, and cloud-based availability zones.


For onsite backup, we deploy secure, scalable appliances offering capabilities like compression, deduplication, air-gapped immutability, versioning, and longevity. Offsite, backups are replicated to a provider like AWS, Backblaze, Client managed Colo, and Azure for geographic diversity. Near real-time data, mirroring replicates critical databases and systems.

We architect the appropriate recovery tiers for each of your core systems

Critical transactional systems are replicated in near real-time with standby infrastructure for recovery within minutes, using best-in-class solutions like Veeam, and VMware SRM.

Data Backup and Recovery - Critical Transactional Systems
Data Backup and Recovery - Onsite and Cloud Backup

Essential infrastructure has 12-hour or less RTOs utilizing onsite and cloud backup locations, using scale-out repository styles with immutable protection.

Important data is backed up daily locally and offsite for RTOs under 48 hours.

Data Backup and Recovery - Important Data Backup

Throughout implementation, we rigorously validate backup integrity through test restores on a regular basis. Our backup monitoring provides early warning of issues before they lead to failures. We assist with time-critical data restoration as needed for events like ransomware attacks, accidental deletion, or hardware failure.

At Ocean Solutions, we take an actionable, layered approach to backup and disaster recovery. Our goal is to deliver zero data loss with near-zero recovery timeframes tailored to your most essential systems. We work as an extension of your team to protect your data assets now and in the future.

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We take the time to thoroughly understand your infrastructure, systems, data sets, budget, and tolerance for downtime. This enables us to architect the right mix of onsite, offsite, and cloud backup aligned to the unique RTOs and RPOs of your business. With our access to all of the top providers in Backup and data storage solutions and appliances, we have a solution that is right for each individual case, if it is office 365, GSuite, Dropbox, Box, and Websites data, we have the right product at the right price.

We have documented runbooks and proven procedures to support time-critical data recovery events. After ensuring malware cannot reinfect systems, we quickly initiate restoration from staging or production backup locations based on your RTO. Our goal is to meet your unique RPO and RTO needs.

We monitor backup jobs closely and validate recovery integrity through regular test restores. You have access to backup reporting to confirm jobs are completed successfully. We also assist with data recovery testing and drills and disaster recovery document development.

Yes, Our ransomware protection starts with detection and stoppage using best-in-class managed EDR and Managed SOC solutions with 24/7 monitoring. We utilize air-gapped immutable backups and multi-tiered redundancy to mitigate ransomware risk. Onsite backup appliances protect against network-based deletion or encryption. Offsite replicas ensure accessible restore points outside the network. We also have data recovery experience helping clients recover after ransomware attacks.


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